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The story of Henri Charpentier,
a sweets shop from Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Henri Charpentier started out in 1969 as a small café that served delicious desserts in Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

From that humble beginning, Henri Charpentier has continued to bring out cakes and baked sweets that reflect its dedication to finding ever new and better recipes and baking techniques.

Henri Charpentier delights the eye of the customer with innovation and refinement, and the palette with flavors authentic and delicious—the product of a bakery with a mission. The world got talking, and before long what had been Henri Charpentier, the little café in Ashiya, became the Ashiya Head Store. And in 2003, another Head Store, with its authentic "salon de the" ambiance, opened in Tokyo's exclusive Ginza shopping district.

Ashiya Head Store today

Today, Henri Charpentier has a presence in over 70 shops in department stores nationwide. Trends among pastry lovers in flavor and style change with the times, but confectionary making continues to be about making people smile. Delivering happiness with great tasting confectionary is our story—and one that keeps on going.

Ginza Store

Henri Charpentier: the story behind the name

Henri Charpentier was the name of a famous nineteenth century French chef. Naokuni Arita, founder of the Henri Charpentier, encountered that chef's recipe for his original "Crêpe Suzette," with its signature blue flambé, purely by chance, and that moment was where it all started.

Arita thrilled to the sight of diners sitting around that magical blue flame, enrapt with those crepes. He set out on a mission to make sweets that bring people that kind of joy.

Ginza Head Store

The Henri Charpentier philosophy

Our baking philosophy

The Henri Charpentier bakery where delicious treats are made: this is the heart of the Henri Charpentier. We do not call it a factory, we call it a studio.

Every morning the staff comes together to say together the "Five Confectionary Precepts," that include "The sweets I make, I make for someone special," and, "The only cake that matters is the cake on the customer's plate." In this spirit, the staff put their all into their confectionary making, keeping in mind the ultimate reward: the customer's smile.

The pursuit of authentic flavor

Henri Charpentier is dedicated to creating sweets with a taste that cannot be imitated. There are no compromises when it comes to making customers happy.

Take, for example, "Les Financiers," one of Henri Charpentier's signature baked sweets. The butter used to make Les Financiers was developed and produced by Henri Charpentier itself solely for use in our baked sweets. This original cultured butter, painstakingly developed, is made from raw milk from the Konsen area of Hokkaido.

We go the extra mile, creating our own ingredients, to bring our customers the ultimate taste experience.